02 · Sophie Reddington · About Me
Restoring and conserving it was a natural progression. I trained in Germany doing various internships and I received my degree in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Polychrome Sculpture at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Over the last decade I worked initially for other conservators, until I set up on my own. I now take on projects from individuals and organisations such as the National Trust, The V&A, quite recently the National Portrait Gallery and many others; helping to both protect art and bring it back to life.
sophie reddington about me
When working an ethical approach is always at the forefront of my mind. I have utter respect for each and every piece I work on and feel responsible for helping my clients to understand the ethics of paintings conservation, and the importance of preventative conservation.

I’m used to working both on my own and collaboratively; the last few years has seen me build a team of experts to call upon and work alongside, ensuring that clients receive expertise for whatever their specific need. Using highly trained assistants and other craftspeople when needed, I always get the job completed to an immaculate standard, within budget and pre-decided time frame. Working ethically, efficiently and safely, I meet the needs of the artwork and hence the client.

Paintings are where my specialty lies. However as my training in Germany included the conservation and restoration of Polychrome wooden Sculpture, I have also enjoyed occasionally working on three-dimensional objects in recent years.

Born in Germany, home is now London where I live with my husband and children.