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Sophie has taken part in a couple of TV series for the BBC as well as speaking at various conferences over the years. Her research and presentations have been published in several books and magazines.

Secrets of the Museum

Her most recent contribution was for the Secrets of the Museum, behind the scenes at the V&A
Series 2, Episode 2 “Epic Iran” produced by Blast! Films and broadcast on BBC2. In this episode Sophie and her colleague Nicola Costaras, former Senior Paintings Conservator at the V&A, prepare rather unusual paintings for an upcoming exhibition last year in 2021. The episode is available on BBC iPlayer and on YouTube.

The National Trust

Sophie Reddington has taken part in many on site projects for the National Trust. She has been working in front of the visitors to create a dialogue. Visitors can ask questions and Sophie explains the problems involved.  She represents the profession and introduces the work, which is being undertaken based on ethical rules.
This resulted in her taking part in a 6 part series for BBC called Petworth House - The Big Spring Clean, presented by Andrew Graham Dixon and produced by Peter Sweasey. 

Sophie came in at Part 5, Art in the Big Freeze, where she was treating a Gainsborough painting in front of the camera and explained to the viewer, what she was doing. It was a very cold day!


Picture Restorer 2018
The Picture Restorer
A Practical Approach to the Handling of Laropal A81 as a Varnish for Paintings. Material Focus pp.34-41.
Current Technical Challenges
Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings
The papers presented at the  ICON  conference 'Modern Conservation: What's New?' edited by A. Barros D'Sa (ed.), Lizzie Bone (eds), Rhiannon Clarricoates (eds), H. Dowding (eds), J. Edwards (eds), Alexandra Gent (eds). 2015. Laropal A81 as an alternative to MS2A and other resins. pp.54-68 
Adhesives and Consolidants
Adhesives and Consolidants in Painting Conservation
Another Conference publication in progress for The Sticking Point, which took place in May 2011. Conservation of Objects for the ‘Arts of Thailand’ display at the V&A. Case study examining the complex treatment of two panel paintings (gouache on wooden board) depicting scenes from the last ten of the Buddha’s former lives or Jatakas (Thai Thotsachat). Sophie Reddington and Mike Wheeler.
Mixing and Matching
Texturing fills using silicone moulds. Simon Folkes and Sophie Reddington in Mixing and Matching. Approaches to Retouching Paintings. Edited by Rebecca Ellison, Patricia Smithen and Rachel Turnbull, pp.159-162 Archetype Publications London 2010. 
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